Why True North School

TNS is an inclusive and welcoming community, filled with diverse, energetic, and talented people who are driven to grow and succeed. No matter if you are teaching, managing projects, playground duty, or working on admin tasks, opportunities at TNS await you.


Treat every failure as a learning opportunity


Become an Innovator and Designer


Bring simplicity to all that is complex


Be passionate but keep fun in the workday


Build honest and transparent relationships
Get to know TNSers
  • Craig Gingerich – Head of STEAM

    After teaching for 30 years, primarily in the middle school STEAM disciplines, I had the opportunity to move to Vietnam. My biggest enticement was to use the experiences to build something unique. And TNS continues to adhere to the vision of building a premier educational experience for our students. Here, I feel empowered and supported to build programs that truly embrace 21st-century’s skills and work readiness. This makes the work experience challenging and rewarding, but also enjoyable

  • Nguyen Bich Ngoc – PE Teacher

    TNS is a wonderful workplace for me. I’m able to immerse myself in the teaching passion thanks to the support from my colleagues, the principals, and leaders. I also recognize their dedication in Education which are super inspiring and impressive. TNS people are always treated with respect & gratitude. The school educates not only the students but also the members to develop the characters of global citizens.

  • Cao Thi Hong Lien

    TNS is an 𝓲𝓷𝓷𝓸𝓿𝓪𝓽𝓲𝓿𝓮 school with passionate and dedicated teachers. Being a part of TNS helps me acquire wonderful things from international educators and share ideas with colleagues to strengthen our teamwork.

    Secondary Principal
  • Dam Nhat Linh

    At True North School, you always have the opportunity to develop, learn new skills, and be the best version of yourself. Join us for growing together and no one is left behind.

    Admissions Executive
  • Trinh Thi Nghia Tinh

    I have been supported by everyone at TNS and it happens everyday. Whenever it is, mid night or afternoon, there is always our TNS team members to SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGE me.

    Kindergarten Principal
  • Lai Thi Hong Nhung

    TNS is always filled with love, helps me pursue my passion for teaching and motivates me to be creative. TNSers are very kind, warm and supportive. I cherish every moment spent at TNS.

    Lead Teacher of Grade 1-3
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