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Future Approach


"I'm a Problem-Solver,

A Scientist,

An Entrepreneur

And an Innovator



An educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. True North International School actually lives up to every ingredient in STEAM. We incorporate the Art component to equip students with creative critical thinking rather than a simply scientific-oriented approach with a significant focus on what only pertains to the area of science. STEAM Education is woven into all parts of our four interconnected strands: design thinking, engineering, innovation and literacy.

True North International School encourages creativity from the minds of scientists as well as artists and designers to



Looking around the world, it is evident that we have entered the digital age, and with each passing day, employment is becoming highly competitive owing to the rapid growth of technology. Our Entrepreneurship course, created and guided by True North International School's seasoned staff, is about stimulating young minds to embrace the wave of change, boost creativity, and build problem solving as well as identification capability.

Every grade 10 to 12 student will have ‘work experience’ with a local company in Vietnam.



When teaching about the human body, “you can either introduce them to a textbook, where they can learn everything sequentially, or you can place their avatars inside a human body,” says Danny Hwang, CEO of TNS. “One student can choose to go to the brain, other students can choose to go into the heart. That choose-your-own-adventure learning experience is very empowering for most students.”  And because the learning takes place online, a metaverse platform also gives students and their avatars access to the entire world – imagine the virtual and augmented experiences a child can experience. 

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