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“Teachers give knowledge, mentors share experiences.”

True North International School's instructors are the enablers of knowledge, providing the power of education in every aspect of learning. By looking at our students, we educate, alter, and reflect on ourselves. Our team of seasoned mentors is led by Superintendent Michael Lambert, who has 40 years of expertise.

At True North International School, we are dedicated to educating the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators in Vietnam – your child
Michael Lambert

Head of School

  • Educator, 40 years of experience
  • Educator at Hong Kong International & Concordia International Shanghai
  • Apple Distinguished Educator (ADE)
  • Advisory Board, K12 Horizon Report and Consortium of School Networks
    Co-founder, TEDx Concordia Shanghai

Parent Community

It goes without saying that parents are the driving force behind the vehicle of learning, offering guidance and information throughout the journey. They are the first to speak with, instruct, and lead students as well as serving as role models for their children. Here at True North International School, parents take a keen interest in their children’s education, we work closely with parents to make sure our students are supported both in and out of class.

Find your resources and support our students:

Parents community at True North International School
    • Serving as mentors, teacher aides, or lunchroom monitors, or aiding schools and students in myriad other ways.
    • Create flexible volunteering opportunities across different days, times, tasks, and grade levels based on the questionnaire responses.
    • Communicate times and dates of events like classroom parties where families can choose to volunteer.

Student Community

Students are the center of True North International School, the purpose for all we do, and the ultimate inspiration for everything that transpires at True North International School. We are a proud community of independent-thinking and gifted students who value their education at True North International School.

Respectful, dependable and tough.
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