What Is “True North”
What is
"true north"
Firmly anchored in a tale of inspiration

Figuratively and literally. Because Hanoi is Vietnam's "True North," it is only natural that we honor and begin from the heart of the country. Defined as a definite goal for each person, True North is the purpose, meaning, and direction that keeps us on track in our personal development path. That destination is formed by each person's ideas, values, personal identity, and rules, and the quest to locate the point of "True North" began in infancy.

Home to people of good character

Each of us is born and developed with our own abilities, hidden talents and creativity. Going through many stages, the path to the "True North" is gradually formed thanks to the experiences, lessons and knowledge we learn, the companions we meet, or the teachers and families who support us. Built with the desire to become a companion with the young Vietnamese generation who are not only academically gifted, but also showcase a great compassion on their journey.

The Journey To Discover Your True North
At True North School
The journey to Discover
Your True North
at True North School
Rumble in the Jungle

For elementary students, it is only reasonable for them feel foreign adapting to the changes in their lives. This is every child’s first step towards many different levels of knowledge. True North Elementary education dwells more on well-being and cleanliness. It is important to keep the child's physical well-being in good condition in the primary. We increasingly recognize and support the notion that playing and exercise assist children develop social skills and participation capacities.

Dive into the ocean
(Middle School)

Mindset and discipline – a necessity in supporting students to attain success. Middle school is for children to acquire an open and ocean-like worldview. It is critical to create discipline and understand how to deploy a mindset as broad and open as the sea in order to tackle the waves of wisdom. As intellectually challenging as it gets at this stage, this is the moment for students to demonstrate their ability to weather storms of affliction.

Explore infinity in space
(High School)

High school – one more step in students’ journey, one giant leap to their future. At True North School, it is our goals to prepare students for their future after graduating. We aim to accompany students on their roadmap to well-known universities. Readiness and commitment, this is their time to showcase their aspirations towards lives and maintain a consistent attitude in achieving their goals.