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4 Pillars Of Excellence

4 Pillars
Of Excellence

Why Four Pillars

Of Excellence?

True North International School's mission is to lay out education goals for students and accompany them on their journey to Discover their True North. We aspire to provide exceptional care to students while fostering each child’s intellectual, social, physical, and moral development in an academic-rich environment.

Students learn to live and lead with our four pillars of excellence: Academic rigor, Global Citizenry, Wellness, and Character Development.


Character Development

“Character is something which comes from within and is often long-lived.”

At True North International School, the student's character is a holistic language we daily communicate to others. More than merely boosting our students' exam performance, effective education assists students in staying grounded and increases chances of having pleasant, prosperous, and healthy lives. They want to be ready for life after graduating, for career, family life, and society, with inquiring, disciplined, and appreciative minds. Students learn to live and lead with resilience, innovativeness, sincerity, and empowerment through True International North School’s four core values RISE.

  • Conscious of the right thing to do
  • Unfold a sense of self
  • Build a reservoir of strength
Middle School
  • Committed to doing the right thing
  • Empowered to rise above the trials and tribulations
  • Attuned to the needs of others
High School
  • Competent in doing the right thing
  • Lead by example
  • RISE and withstand all challenges and obstacles

Academic Rigor


Every day, students at True North International School are encouraged to be both succeeding and challenge-seeking. Academic rigor means more to us than the number of assignments we provide or the grades our students acquire. This also entails the degree to which we allow students to extend their learning beyond what we accomplish in the classroom.

We strive to foster this environment by implementing a more inclusive curriculum, addressing a plethora of learning styles, providing a varied range of projects and programs, and contributing to the greater society.

  • Active participation in intellectual matters
  • Prepared to challenge assumptions
  • Stay engaged, respectful, and on task
Middle School
  • Embrace variety
  • Enhance problem-solving ability
  • Nurture growth mindset
High School
  • Well-defined roadmap to dream colleges
  • Desire to increase understanding
  • Be challenged to take risks

Global Citizenry

“The first thing to do, to be a global citizen, is to think globally and act locally.”

Our mission is to develop well-rounded, self-assured, and responsible individuals who aspire to achieve their full potential. This is accomplished by creating a happy, safe, and approachable learning atmosphere in which everyone is treated equally and all achievements are recognized. The route to being a global citizen does not begin with your acts as someone who is seeking to change the world; here at True North International School, through cultivating a global mentality, students must first demonstrate their actions locally by actively engaging in aiding their surrounding environment.

  • Normalize diversity, value differences
  • Develop social skills: cooperation, tolerance, and teamwork
  • Encourage curiosity
Middle School
  • Proactive
  • Socially connected, emotionally engaged
  • Aware of responsible decision-making process
High School
  • Heightened sense of community
  • Technological literacy
  • Critical thinking and problem solving

Fitness & Wellness

Those who feel better, simply learn better

True North International School, as a student-centered community, prioritizes students' well-being with a broad curriculum spanning from one-on-one mentoring to extracurricular activities. We want to encourage students to make healthy lifestyle choices and understand how those decisions affect their health and well-being. True North International School is here to help students with their challenges, whether it is achieving an ideal degree of physical well-being or solid mental endurance.

  • Build empathy
  • Practice gratitude
  • Foster healthy habits
Middle School
  • Critical consumers of health information
  • Refine students behavioral and personal skills
  • Good sense of self-care
High School
  • Go-getter mindset
  • Mental endurance
  • Intentional about enhancing one’s physical health