middle school
Expected Outcome
Character Development
Committed to doing the right thing Empowered to rise above the trials and tribulations Attuned to the needs of others
Academic Rigor
Embrace variety Enhance problem-solving ability Nurture growth mindset
Global Citizenry
Proactive Socially connected, emotionally engaged Aware of responsible decision-making proces
Critical consumers of health information Refine students behavioral and personal skills Good sense of self-care
Learn & Grow With TNS

With our Four Pillars of Excellence, True North School recognizes the need to deliver a balanced curriculum. Extracurricular activities at TNS play a significant role in each child's mental and physical development. 

As the last bell echoes, the school playground is a fantastic place to interact, unwind, and explore interests.

You may learn more about our extracurricular activities by clicking on the link below.