elementary school
Expected Outcome
Character Development

Conscious of the right thing to do

Unfold a sense of self

Build a reservoir of strength

Academic Rigor
  • Active participation in intellectual matters
  • Prepared to challenge assumptions
  • Stay engaged, respectful, and on task
Global Citizenry

Normalize diversity, value differences Develop social skills: cooperation, tolerance, and teamwork

Encourage curiosity


Build empathy - Practice gratitude - Foster healthy habits

Learn & Grow With TNS

With our Four Pillars of Excellence, True North School recognizes the need to deliver a balanced curriculum. Extracurricular activities at TNS play a significant role in each child's mental and physical development.

As the last bell echoes, the school playground is a fantastic place to interact, unwind, and explore interests.

You may learn more about our extracurricular activities by clicking on the link below.