Only the tough gets going

September 5, 2022 – the first day of the first school year 2022 – 2023, each member of True North School has a “one-way ticket” on the train of life: Only forward, never give up! Cross every ocean. Conquer every mountain. “Knock down” any difficulty. Being a pioneer is never simple, and only the most difficult trials yield the greatest results.

That is the theme of the foundation year at True North School. And that is also the spirit conveyed by Mr. Michael Lambert, Mr. Danny, Mr. Tommy & teachers to all students at the Opening Ceremony of the new school year this morning. This spirit will guide those who pave the way on the journey to find their “True North” & build 4 pillars of excellence throughout the school year.

The first challenge was launched during this spectacular Opening Ceremony. Four houses participated in the Scavenger Hunt, overcoming difficulties and seeking for hidden “treasures” across the campus. The “secrets” have been exposed, but the most significant “treasure” that the students got as a result of the Scavenger hunt is the most intuitive and practical exercise for the theme of the school year – team spirit. From the first day of school, every student has a thorough grasp of the school map in the palm of their hands.
How “distinct” is the opening day of True North School? Let’s find out!









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