At True North School, we enjoy meeting awesome, driven people and hearing their fantastic and engaging career stories.

We are eager to share our #Humans@TNS series with a small sampling of our employees’ stories.

Let’s uncover the “hidden” truth of different departments at the TNS through their representatives’ insights and take an inside look into what is being untold about a few of our company’s colleagues.


From Finance & Accounting team | Ha Dang – Chief Accountant

👩‍💼 Ha Dang: Do you have any assumptions when hearing about the Finance and Accounting team?

🎤 Writer: Hmm, honestly it is a ‘Yes’. Some thoughts on F&A careers have run thru my head. *haha*

👩‍💼 Ha Dang: Tell me what they are. Maybe I could give you a surprise.  😊

🎤 Writer: Sure, how about this: “Finance and Accounting work is rigid”. 

👩‍💼 Ha Dang: When I started my accounting education, I didn’t think that my future job would require as much flexibility and creativity as it did. Our F&A team consistently thinks of new ways/ approaches to complete all the tasks through optimal methods.

🎤 Writer: “Accountants are unfriendly”. 

👩‍💼 Ha Dang: *Smile* On the contrary, I have met so many amazing, different personalities and am lucky to call many of them friends today, even after 10 years. We communicate with other departments on a daily basis explaining accounting docs or issues, and only when they missed the procedures, our “grumpy mode” turns ON *laugh out loud*. Just kidding.

🎤 Writer: “It is impossible to become an accountant if you do not study in the right major in accounting”. 

👩‍💼 Ha Dang: Having the right major is just one advantage. Maybe you do not know, I did graduate with a Master’s Degree in Literature, was a High school teacher but my passion for accounting prompted me to switch my careers, apply for an accounting degree, then to become a Chief Accountant, playing and dealing with numbers. 😉

🎤 Writer: Wow, it is absolutely fantastic! Obviously, the truth is that being an accountant is much more interesting than I thought. 



From Academic team | Lien Cao – Secondary Principal

Looking for a laugh to share in the workplace? Need a dose of humor from time to time? Join the TNS Academic Team 😉 

Maybe there is an assumption that Academic members are too “academic” but at True North School, our team’s feature shows “witty pranks” and “positive encouragement”. They are also strong examples of intellectual, musical, and artistic achievement. We create the most hilarious, crazy, and wholesome things. 

Laughter is the best medicine and our Academic members are fun-loving people in the workplace. Whether your job is challenging or boring, a funny coworker can brighten up your day, right?

“Positive spirit” is always present. It is in the DNA of our Academic team!



From Admissions team | Ngoc Chu – Head of Admissions

I remember being so proud of our first event we organized. I recall the time we had approximately 100+ participants – a record so far — answering the audiences’ many questions about education and having a high level of interaction. We received many positive comments from parents. In addition, we crafted the “grateful heart moments” together. 💖

Although we have organized many large and successful events, for me and my team, this first event is more than just between the colleagues, but brothers and sisters on our team. It was the first time that my amazing Admissions team made the ordinary moments of our career extraordinary by supporting, sharing and overcoming the difficulties, TOGETHER.

There are many untold stories about True North School and its community members. Join us and we may uncover your story by crafting your career at True North School: https://truenorth.edu.vn/current-opportunities/

(To be cont.)


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