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The True North School bilingual program helps students achieve the academic competencies mandated by Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and the Common Core curriculum for each grade. 

Students build their language skills to have the competence and confidence to perform well in their English/Vietnamese courses, and love and respect their heritage language and culture.

At True North School, we believe every student can acquire a second language – English – while maintaining and developing their mother tongue – Vietnamese. Fluency and confidence in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in Vietnamese coupled with developing English skills as a second language define True North School.

A bilingual education:

  1. Increases cognition
  2. Provides Cross-cultural skills
  3. Positions the individual for roles in a global economy
  4. Opens a greater number of “learning windows” for students

Our English language immersion goals for students are:

  1. Proficiency in spoken and written English
  2. Achievement of core academic competencies
  3. English cultural competence

Our program of studies and model design are based on sound constructivist educational theories and scientific research.

We strive to continually reflect on and assess our practices and progress.

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