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  • Send a message to the International Space Station (ISS)? How is it possible?
  • How does it feel to be floating in the air while on the ISS with the Oculus VR headset?
  • What would it be like to drive an underwater ROV that sits 900 meters below the ocean’s surface?
  • How to carry a water balloon on a zipline without breaking it?

Future space explorers! We’re just as curious as you are! And the ONLY way for us to “solve” all those questions, is to join SPACE FAIRE on 07/01/2023!!!

With the presence of remarkable names in this “Universe”:
– Major General Pham Tuan – Astronaut, the first Vietnamese to go into space
– Mr. Danny Kim – Managing Director of Q4 Excellence – Partner of NASA & Space Tango
– Mr. Craig Gingerich – STEAM Director at True North School
– Mr. Michael Lambert – Superintendent at True North School
– And 30 local & international STEAM experts

Get ready to:

– “Brainstorm” & “do science” like a real scientist at 24+ Space & STEAM experience stations
– Get to know Major General Pham Tuan and his experiences in the space & the stories of Mr. Danny Kim working with NASA
– Explore future opportunities & challenges with STEAM
– Break the limit & make the impossible become possible
– Receive special gifts after passing the challenges

STEAM education emphasizes inspiring children to actively learn through experience. Experiences from Space Faire will arouse children’s curiosity, passion, and creativity, motivate them to “think big,” dream things few dare to dream, and do things few dare to do.

15 interactive booths:

No. Interactive booths Activity
1 Building a Space Colony Display Only True North School’s 8th Grade students studied habitation in space and on planets and moons. Through their research and their imaginations, they built models of what human habitation may look like on the Moon or Mars.
2 Space Face Painting Art is a key part of STEAM. It is the creative part that was absent from STEM. Come get in the spirit of our space theme! Choose from among a variety of images and themes to express your love of space on your face or arms! One of our TNS teachers or staff will paint your face with your choice
3 Straw Rocket and Stomp Rocket Learn about the principles of rocket design and the forces that affect flight. Build a straw rocket and a paper rocket to launch and assemble the launching device. Examine its trajectory and redesign. Students test different variables to achieve a mission: (1) longest distance or (2) hit a target

Launch a Plane

Build a paper plane and a launcher. Test your flight by how well it can hit a target and the distance it can travel! This is a great DIY activity that you can do over and over again!
5 Astronaut helmets NASA and SpaceX both continue to design new spacesuits and helmets to meet the next generation of space travel. Come build your own astronaut helmet. Learn about the components of a helmet in space and design your own helmet out of recyclable items.
6 LEGO Space LEGO builds the mind through creativity. This interactive exhibit will showcase why LEGO is a leader in STEAM.
7 MindX Steam Activity MindX will is a STEAM leader. They will provide an interactive booth to better understand how they can support STEAM in education – in the school and at home. 
8 Kidscode and VEX Kidscode is a leading STEAM and VEX robotics provider in Vietnam. VEX robots are built around inspiring the next generation of engineers and programmers through highly functional robots. VEX holds regional, national, and international competitions. Join Kidscode to learn more about VEX robotics.
9 Space in a Bottle! Students will look through pictures of space taken by various telescopes. Then they willl be given various materials to make a mini model of space intside of a bottle. Modeling is a key skills taught in science
10 Robot Colony Building As humans colonize planets and moons, robots will travel to these locations and be built in these locations to do initial work for colonization. Programming and coding languages are used to control these robots.
11 Zipline an Astronaut to Safety  You are part of a team of astronauts exploring the Moon. While trying to collect soil samples for research, one of the astronauts on your team got hurt. She is unable to climb back down to your base. Your team needs to build a zipline to carry her down to safety! Are you up for the challenge?
12 Astronaut wearable device to communicate danger How do astronauts communicate? Astronauts need to take care of their bodies with consistent exercise while in space, but this also creates a loud environment on board the ISS. Your challenge will be to help astronauts that are heading up to the International Space Station (ISS) for a three-month mission to communicate with their fellow astronauts if they are in distress!
13 Mars Rubber Band Rover You are part of an astronaut crew on a scientific expedition on Mars! While out exploring the surface, you identified large Martian rocks that may give clues about ancient life on the red planet. The rocks are large and heavy, and your mission is to find a way to transport the samples back to the base for testing. You will need to design a self-propelled vehicle using elastic potential energy stored in rubber bands! Join us for this DIY challenge!
14 Roll’n Build Choose a design challenge for an assortment of DIY projects. Then, roll a die to determine what your chosen design will be made out of. There are multiple elements or parts involved in this design process, but rolling dice will direct your build. The first roll will be the main body and so on.
15 Chuck-Egger (Planetary Landing) Chuck Egger, famous test pilot, has volunteered to test the first ever Egg Glider that will take Eggs to the Moon! The dilemma Chuck faces is that the landing on the Moon’s surface will be very quick, and the glider will crash. To ensure the success of this mission, your engineering team will need to design a safety restraint device that will withstand the crash.

9 workshops:

No. Workshop Activity
1 Beme Offline Games Designing games is an art. Join this workshop to learn about game theory and design a creative game around the them of STEAM and space!
2 Heat Shield Challenge NASA needs your help! After a month in space, the astronauts are ready to come back home to Earth. Re-entry through the Earth’s atmosphere is dangerous. You are traveling at 17,500 miles per hour (28,100 km/h)! The heat is so great during re-entry, a special thermal protection system is used to keep the spacecraft from burning up. This special thermal protection is called the heat shield. Your mission is to design a heat shield to protect your spacecraft and crew.
3 Aerospace and Innovation  Join us for this interactive discussion between two leading experts in the fields of education and engineering. While topics will vary, we will primarily focus on STEAM innovation through aerospace engineering, with a discussion on how education settings can use it to inpsire.
4 Comets – Build ice comets TLearn how to build an icy model of a comet, complete with shooting jets. Comets are cosmic snowballs of frozen gases, rock, and dust, roughly the size of a small town. When a comet’s orbit brings it close to the sun, it heats up and spews dust and gases into a giant glowing head larger than most planets. This activity provides an opportunity for participants to make observations, discuss changing states of matter, and demonstrate measuring skills.
5 Solar System Simulation The virtual world can enable people to learn and see their world from new perspectives. Join us for this VR interactive and experience VR Interactive online simulations of our Solar System. In addition, learn science centered around astronomy and physics!
6 International Space Station VR and Message Participants will get the chance to experience VR headsets that make them feel like they are there! Multiple VR Oculus headsets, pre-loaded with immersive ISS content will be available for participants to try on for a couple of minutes each.
7 Ocean Quest This activity will focus on underwater ROV remote driving. Participants get to drive an underwater ROV that sits 900 meters below the ocean’s surface off the coast of California.
8 Robo Quest Participants get to drive pre-built robotics vehicles against each other to “capture the flag.” This is an interactive challenge. Although it may be a challenge for those new to robotics, our dedicated facilitators will be available to guide and instruct no matter what your experience level.
9 Space Robot Art What is so important about the “A” in STEAM? Participants will examine and design art centered around space. This will be a centerpiece of the event and showcases the creativity of humans through art and science.

Space Faire is definitely an opportunity that any child between the ages of 5 and 16 cannot miss.

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Space Faire – For students aged 5 – 16
📍Time: 9:30 – 15:00, January 7, 2023
📍Location: True North School, TH-03, Mo Lao Urban Area, Ha Dong, Hanoi
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