Resilience means we never give up when facing hardships or challenges. It is our ability to stay positive, recover and keep moving ahead.


A popular mountainous town where we can enjoy fresh air, the beauty of nature and go for a great team hike!


It’s been one month since our school’s opening ceremony. We’ve been working extremely hard leading up to opening and now we need time to have fun together!


We departed from Hanoi to Sapa very early in the morning on 15 Oct. On arrival, we had lunch and got ready for the 14km hike. At 1PM, it started. Seven teams went on their designated paths. After around four hours, the whole TNS Team finished the journey successfully. Some members were tired and felt pain in their legs, knees or feet. However, we all smiled as winners!

The Gala Dinner that evening was so cozy as we enjoyed with salmon hotpot under the cold night sky. Nearly 80 persons sat down together to enjoy a meal and each other’s company. We celebrated October birthdays, watched a recap video of our hike, and shared memorable moments along the way. After dinner, we went to Sapa town for some drinks, massages and shopping


TNS Team was divided into seven teams with 10 members each. We had amazing experienced squad leaders to guide us from start to finish. Starting at Sapa Jade Hill, we went on different routes to reach the peak of the mountain before returning. The trail was challenging so every member had to lean on their teammates to finish safe and sound. That’s how the journey tied us together!

Sapa was gorgeous under the sun and we truly enjoyed the nice weather. The local Sapa people told us that it was the first sunny day after weeks of raining and gloomy skies. We were super lucky! Thank you, Sapa!

“We don’t realize how strong we are until we finish nearly 14km of trekking. How wonderful and memorable!”

Ms. Phan My Linh – High School Principal



So excited to start!


The road was very challenging!


Surely, we got tired and needed some breaks! 


But don’t worry, you can always rely on the teammates! 


During the hike, our members always encouraged each other to overcome pain and fatigue. We pushed each other up hills, made jokes and took photos. A teacher said she forgot all the exhaustion thanks to her teammates’ singing and dancing along the way. One teammate recalled, “It felt like she had a superpower! We didn’t feel like we were hiking, just walking, full of joy!”

There were members who did not exercise regularly and thus felt highly anxious about the journey. Even though they felt exhaustion during and after the trip, none of them regreted or mentioned giving up as they enjoyed the happiness of completing a seemingly impossible task! This is how we achieved RESILIENCE!

“If you want to go fast, go alone
If you want to go far, go together!”

On the way, we had a lot of special moments and experiences together. Local people even joined our hike and helped TNS members overcome huge rocks, slippery roads, streams, and other obstacles. They also told some meaningful stories about life in Sapa, which inspired us to keep going.

A TNS squad also helped a local woman who got into an accident on the mountainous road. At first, the squad leader thought he’d be the only one to help her since the whole team was extremely exhausted. However, to his surprise, everyone joined to help that woman, and they showed a lot of care. They applied first aid to her and ensured her safety before resuming the hike. 

“Together, we did good things for life!”

Our Squad Leaders were super caring, experienced and humorous. They knew how to lead their groups to the peak and encouraged them to keep going and stay positive. At the end of the day, all team members sent sincere thanks to these leaders for taking them home safe & sound!

Sapa gave us an amazing and memorable experience that will never fade from our memories. It was a perfect choice for our first team building, combining the beauty of nature, a chance to discover the local people’s way of life and a relaxing getaway. TNS members will surely come back for another team trip in the future!

The first TNS team building ended but the memories and meanings will forever remain in our hearts!

Resilient, Innovative, Sincere, and Empowered!

“Let’s RISE to the occasion and continue to take care of each other
with kindness and never give up on our mission and goals as educators.”

– Founder & CEO Danny Hwang-

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