The celebration of Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20 at True North School, which was kept a secret until the last minute, surprised the female students as well as the whole female faculty and staff.
Not only is this the first Vietnamese Women’s day celebrated at True North School, but the most special aspect stems from the initiative and leadership abilities of the male students in meticulously preparing the celebration a week in advance. There was student who led a flower arranging class, there was one who sought sponsoring opportunity from TNS’s instructors, and there was one who designed their very own greeting cards. While the girls were “distracted” by the gift that was the skincare workshop in the library, the guys intensely focused on completing their secret mission in the canteen, methodically creating each paper flower and writing each card. As though deeply moved by the students, the male faculty, including the CEO Danny Hwang himself at school adopted a distinctive manner of expressing appreciation by heading immediately to the kitchen to serve everyone lunch.
Everything from the painstakingly cut paper flowers to the “viral” performance at the cafeteria stems from the guys’ genuine affection for the other half of True North School. To our beautiful women, we wish you nothing but the best in life. May you all continue to inspire and stun us all with your talents and beauty.
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