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Gathering of the Stars – Greetings from True North School’s “Four Houses” … and the results of the Scavenger Hunt

  • Canopus – 14,000 times brighter than the Sun. This is also likened to a lighthouse for sailors before the compass was invented.
  • Aquila – one of the brightest constellations in the northern sky, also known as the Eagle, the Eagle.
  • Ursa – the third largest constellation in the sky with an interesting legend behind it, also known as the “Big Bear”.
  • Draco – shaped like a dragon; It is also the eighth largest constellation in the sky.

The four-house system was established and led by students at True North School with the intention to unite students of all ages, and was inspired by the stars of Greek mythology. Senior students (grades 8-9) in particular serve as role models and mentors for children, providing opportunities for them to enhance their abilities and gain confidence. At the same time, healthy competitive activities help to promote school spirit. The Scavenger Hunt that took place at the last opening ceremony serves as the starting point. This is an activity that involves not just logical thinking but also effective teamwork and delicate communication skills. The trek to each “treasure” buried in the school is a physical and mental challenge. Overcoming a series of challenging hurdles, the House of Draco gained the number one spot with top ranking and excellent performance in the competition.

Scavenger Hunt’s Results:

  1. First place: House of Draco
  2. Second place: House of Aquila
  3. Third place: House of Ursa
  4. Fourth place: House of Canopus

However, the race is not over yet. There are still “mountains” to be conquered and opportunities to express yourself . With activities not to be missed, the four-star constellations promise to light up the vivid and brilliant True North sky.

Let’s look back at True North School’s memorable moments from the recent Scavenger Hunt competition.

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