It’s Dot Day here at True North Kindergarten!

Take a peek at this wonderful day at True North Kindergarten, when teachers and students dress up in polka-dot outfits, pose for photographs with their arts and crafts, and read stories together…

Inspired by the amazing illustration of Peter Reynolds: Vashti, the primary protagonist, is followed by the dot on her journey of self-discovery and expression. A simple story with a strong message for both young and old: be courageous, make your mark, and inspire others on their life’s journey. On Dot Day, we hope to encourage our kids to use dot-themed apparel and artwork to express themselves and their opinions.

Not only is it the first aspired STEAM-focused school in Vietnam, but True North School also carries with it the mission of building a creative environment that nurtures students’ potential and good qualities, so that they can be confident, self-directed, and ready for a world of constant innovation.

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