The first course at True North School Project’s internal training series titled, “English Training Course”, with an objective to build a team full of professional, ethical, and dynamic personnel in an international environment, was held every Saturday morning lasting 6 weeks. A total of 20 TNS staff participated in this training.

Beginning September 25th 2021, True North School Project’s staff “hopped on the train back to childhood” for a weekly English class. The teachers included Mr. Michael Lambert – Head of School, Mr. Craig Gingerich – Head of STEAM, and Ms. Lori Gingerich – English Program Advisor.

The teachers built a detailed and complete English learning path, helping the staff review the background knowledge, apply it to daily work, and practice communicating in English as a second language. They prepared lesson plans with slides, clips, and exercise offering participants an exciting and effective course. Besides learning English, the staff had opportunities to practice English by sharing more about each other’s life after working hours, with lots of joy and excitement.

Mr. Craig and Ms. Lori Gingerich share about how to write professional emails in many practical cases

The training methodology was interactive as the trainers ensured that knowledge was not only disseminated but accurately perceived and understood by the participants. And in order to ensure this, trainers engaged participants in discussions and kept the classes always available for feedback, queries and suggestions.

Mr. Michael Lambert introduced the topic of AI – Artificial Intelligence and how it will change the future

As the first aspired K12 STEAM-focused school in Vietnam, we understand the importance of consistent work on knowledge and culture. After 6 weeks, TNS Project staff were proud of their achievements in building a professional, dynamic and co-development international working environment.

Participants stated the training was very helpful and the content and exercises used in training helped them understand the topics and its significance. 

“I joined TNS Project with low confidence in my English skills. Fortunately, this is the place where I have many opportunities to improve myself if I really want to challenge myself. This English course encouraged those who wanted to enhance their English skills. My English listening and speaking skills have obviously been improved,” – Ms. Thao shared about the course.

The first English course has ended, promising to form a firm foundation for the upcoming courses to be delivered more insightfully, meaningfully, and effectively.

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