The enthusiasm, working spirit as well as the creativity of the True North School team have gone above and beyond the expectations to begin the new school year, with little impact by the COVID-19 situation.

Although many activities have been halted due to the social distancing policy, the True North School team has successfully implemented free online educational projects. The online class, “My Family Explores the World” attracted 100+ children from Kindergarten ages and parents to join with us in Zoom breakout groups. Each class was supported and facilitated by a talented and dedicated teacher, using their creative teaching methods to design engaging lessons, creating activities for students to practice their independent and organizational skills, while stimulating their creativity and curiosity about the surrounding world through simple homemade science experiments, making animals and plants model using basic home items (papers, toilet scroll, colors).. Moreover, the class has brought a wonderful time to parents and children to learn, play and have fun together during this difficult time.   

Online course “My Family Explores the World” has created a wonderful time for family to play and learn together.

The positive feedback from parents and excitement of the students when joining the class has motivated and encouraged the True North School team to extend their lessons during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The True North School continues to organize a STEAM online course: “The Hungry Caterpillar” for Primary and Secondary school students in two days: 28/8 & 4/9/2021.

With the implementation of online classes for primary children, the Board of Management and the team have begun preparation for the operation of the True North School, including setting-up facilities, medical equipment, learning materials, and its international educational campus; organizing training programs for teachers and planning the curriculum to further enhance the quality of learning continues even during this time period. 

True North School team is in the operation progress of the True North School project: international educational campus + qualified curriculum

True North School teachers joined the Teacher Training Program – Reggio Emilia Approach® Excellence Preschools in Vietnam Program – on  Aug 4 ~ 6,  2021 on many topics (eg. “The culture and design of the educational spaces and environments”) – organized by Global Embassy

The project’s priority is to provide world-class teaching to students, creating a world-class teaching and learning environment that allows students to cultivate their talents, builds upon a forward-thinking mindset through an active learning ecosystem, and enhances character development through the qualities of resilience, empathy, self-discipline, and adaptability.

The pandemic does not affect the True North School Team’s enthusiasm. On the contrary, it inspires the True North School team to carry-out its educational mission, especially when the staff receives encouragement and recognition from parents and the school management board. 

True North School teachers are eager to meet their colleagues face-to-face at the office to prepare for a highly productive school year, building a solid foundation to become the #1 bilingual, STEAM school in Vietnam. 

We wish all parents and students good health. 

#Staystrong, #Togetherwecare

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